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Please note that as was common with many UK comics, some of these issues have a pencil (sometimes pen ) name  or address on them which is usually on the top front or back cover. This would have been marked on by the original newsagent. Due to their larger size these comics were also frequently folded in half for display at the newsagent or for delivery through the letter box. This obviously leaves fold lines on the comic. Unless noted otherwise all comics that we offer for sale on this website are unfolded with no fold lines.

Please note that we check every page of each and every comic that comes into stock to make sure that pages are not missing and coupons are not cut out. This as you can imagine takes up a lot of time and this is reflected in our prices.

Please note that unless stated otherwise, any free gifts advertised with the comics are not included. They are long gone to wherever these items go to.


Please note that the cover dates on British weekly comics (as with most weekly magazines/periodicals) IS USUALLY NOT THE DATE that the comic was for sale on, but the date usually for Saturday at the end of the week of publication. This was done to give newsagents some time to sell the comic before it was out of date. Most British comics state clearly what day they actually went on sale and this can be seen clearly from the scans.  

If you are buying comics for a Birthday or Anniversary gift then it is better to be buying for a specific week rather than an actual date as this in many cases will not be a published date.

Music Star


Fab 208




Jackie 574 January 4th 1975

Some creasing and discolouration to some pages

Pin-ups: Bay City Rollers (double page), Steve Harley

Features: Freddie Mercury


Jackie 575 January 11th 1975

Small tears to bottom of front cover

Pin-ups: David Essex (double page), Mott the Hoople

Features: Bay City Rollers, Steve Harley, Sparks


Jackie 579 February 8th 1975

Wear to spine

Pin-ups: Sparks (double page), Alvin Stardust

Features: Noddy Holder, Andy Fairweather-Low


Jackie 583 March 8th 1975

Pin-ups: Eric (Bay City Rollers) (double page), Mick Robertson

Features: Hello, Gary Glitter


Jackie 586 March 29th 1975

Small tear on spine at top staple and age discolouration to inside pages

Pin-ups: Derek (Bay City Rollers)(double page), Ken Boothe

Features: Kiki Dee, Alvin Stardust, Kenny


Jackie 587 April 5th 1975

Pin-ups: Les (Bay City Rollers)(double page), Glitter Band



Jackie 588 April 12th 1975

Small tear on edge of front cover

Pin-ups: Sparks (double page), Paul McCartney

Features: Sparks


Jackie 590 April 26th 1975

Some age discolouration on bottom of front cover

Pin-up: David Essex (double page)

Feature: Bay City Rollers


Jackie 596 June 7th 1975

Bay City Rollers Story in pictures - part 3

Age discolouration on front cover

Pin-ups: Sweet (double page), Freddie Mercury

Features: Kenny, Alan Osmond


Jackie 597 June 14th 1975

Bay City Rollers Story in pictures - part 4

Pin-up: 10cc

Feature: Peter Shelley


Jackie 599 June 28th 1975

Bay City Rollers story in pictures - part 6

Ink ticks on quiz page

Pin-ups: Mud (double page), Guys and Dolls

Features: Sweet, Ian Hunter


Jackie 601 July 12th 1975

Slight age discolouration round edges of cover

Pin-ups: Slade (double page), David Essex

Features: Dave Hill,


Jackie 602 July 19th 1975

Top right corner creased, and some slight age spotting to front cover

Pin-ups: Pilot (double page), Steve Harley

Feature: Bay City Rollers


Jackie 603 July 26th 1975

Small tear to top edge of front cover

Pin-ups: Bay City Rollers (double page), Bryan Ferry

Features: Bay City Rollers, 10cc


Jackie 605 August 9th 1975

Some age discolouration on front cover.  Light horizontal crease where magazine has been folded.

Pin-up: Donny Osmond

Features: Rick Wakeman, Kenny, David Essex


Jackie 611 September 20th 1975

Top right corner of pages curled, and age discolouration down edge of front cover

Crossword filled in in pencil

Pin-ups: Bay City Rollers (double page), 10cc

Features: Elton John


Jackie 612 September 27th 1975

Front cover creased, and age discolouration to inside pages

Pin-ups: Mud (double page), Alice Cooper

Feature: 10cc


Jackie 613 October 4th 1975

Some age discolouration to edges of pages

Pin-ups: Leo Sayer, Smokey

Features: Johnny Nash, Kenny


Jackie 615 October 18th 1975

Slight age spotting along bottom edge of front cover

Pin-ups: David Essex (double page), Osmonds

Features: Bay City Rollers, Rod Stewart


Jackie 617 November 1st 1975

Pin-ups: Woody (Bay City Rollers)(double page), Showaddywaddy

Features: David Essex - life story in pictures part 2


Jackie 618 November 8th 1975

Age discolouration on front cover

Pin-up: Alan (Bay City Rollers) (double page)

Feature: Kenny, David Essex - life story in pictures part 3


Jackie 620 November 22nd 1975

Pin-up: Derek (Bay City Rollers)(double page)

Features: Bryan Hyland, Errol Brown, Sparks


Jackie 622 December 6th 1975

Age spotting on front cover

Pin-up: Paul and Linda McCartney

Features: Gary Glitter, Jonathan King


Jackie 623 December 13th 1975

Pin-ups: Donny Osmond (double page)

Features: Gary Glitter, Mike Batt


Jackie 624 December 20th 1975

slight age spotting on front cover

Pin-ups: Rod Stewart (double page), Abba

Features: Smokie, Chris Spedding


Jackie 625 December 27th 1975

Pin-ups: Bay City Rollers, Bryan Ferry

Features: Bay City Rollers, Tim Brooke-Taylor


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