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Everybody's 1940s

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The wartime issues of this paper have very small print, so there's a lot squeezed into a small number of pages.  

A mixture of news, arts, educational features, etc.

There's some rusting around the staples, but all papers are complete.

Most articles are single pages, or 2 pages.


Everybody's Magazine 1944
Everybody's 1st January 1944

16 pages

Cover Raphael's Madonna in the chair

articles include

Greatest Hoax in History

Clown who Dealt in Diamonds

Our Fighting Trawlers

The Old Music Hall (centre pages)

Raphael - Prince of Painters

some wear to spine and edges of magazine

Everybody's Magazine 1945
Everybody's 2nd June 1945

12 pages

articles include

G.K.C. Champion of the Common Man

More Fish, But...

The Kommander Isles

Film Jubilee (centre pages)

Queen of the Centre Court (Suzanne Lenglen)

some wear to spine and edges of magazine

Everybody's Magazine 1946
Everybody's 2nd March 1946

16 pages

Cover The giant eye - Mount Wilson observatory

Articles include

The Giant Eye

Celebrities in the Studio

Hellas and Humanism

Buckingham Palace (centre pages)

Shadow over India

Farmer Saints of Ireland

Everybody's 30th March 1946

16 pages

Cover The Flower Girl by Goya

Articles include

The Professions

Parliament and Publicity

Jules Verne (centre pages)

Should we leave India?

The Story of Goya

The Boat Race

Everybody's 25th May 1946

20 pages

Cover Durham Cathedral by Cotman

articles include

The Freeing of England

Pioneers of Fashion

The Story of British Steel

Learning without Tears

Keynes - a Great Idealist

Water-Colour Painting (centre pages)

The Portland Vase

Oval centenery

The Gang Show

Everybody's Magazine 1947
Everybody's 8th March 1947

20 pages - small tear to front cover

Cover The charm of Portugal

Articles include

Freedom of the Press

The Last Viceroy

The Charm of Portugal

To Make a Fine Lady

Chinese Opera (centre pages)

Black Fortnight

The Wandering Jew

Captain of England - Walter Hammond Cricket

Everybody's 7th June 1947

20 pages

Cover The Kennel Club

Articles include

Sir Malcolm and the Record

Trinity Cambridge

The Story of the Iris

The Kennel Club - centre pages

Birth of the Parachute - 2 pages

Everybody's 28th June 1947

20 pages - small tear to front cover

Cover Week-ends afloat

Articles include

Why No Houses?

The Race against Malaria

English Club Cricket

The Painter of Montmartre (Utrillo) 2 pages

Marxian Madness

Everybody's 12th July 1947

20 pages

Articles include

The Royal Heron

Their Finest Hour (RAF)

Keene of "Punch" centre pages

The Power of the Peers

Speedway 2 pages

South African Cricket

Everybody's 9th August 1947

20 pages

Cover At the Horse Show

Articles include

Free Trade for All

At the Horse Show 2 pages

Death Came to a City (Hiroshima)

Canterbury Tale centre pages

Queen of the Serials (Perils of Pauline) 2 pages

The Golden Age of Boxing

Everybody's 16th August 1947

2o pages

Cover Beauty and the beach

articles include

Woman in industry

Wizard of the Waldorf 2 pages

Ultina Thule 3 pages

Bury St Edmunds centre pages

Germany the sick giant

Beauty and the Beach 2 pages

Edrich of England -cricket

Everybody's 30th August 1947

20 pages

Cover They guard the Pope

Articles include

The choice of Socialism

Mystery of Mars

man behind Marshall

Wild life in the Rockies 2 pages

Presenting J Arthur Rank  2 pages

Romance in art centre pages

Triumph of the Bailey Bridge

They guard the Pope 2 pages

Everybody's 20th December 1947

20 pages

Cover Valda Osborn

Articles include

Kirk of Zanzibar

Mistinguett comes to town

The Sun his palette (Van Gogh) centre pages

Palestine's secret striking force

Change at Charing Cross 2 pages

Tear to back cover (tapes) about 3 inches

Everybody's Magazine 1948
Everybody's 6th March 1948

20 pages

Cover Madge Elliot / Cyril Ritchard

Articles include

Cars our biggest export

How birds sleep

How to live in peace 2 pages

Why do they paint like this - modern art

Royal cavalcade (centre pages)

Virtue in danger 2 pages

Socccer stars of 1948

Everybody's 24th April 1948

20 pages

Cover Princess Margaret

Articles include

Wings over Britain

The Last Days of Sail

Verdi's Last Opera

The Royal Silver Wedding centre pages + 1 page

A pretty company of mermaids 2 pages

Everybody's 30th October 1948

20 pages

Cover "Mother's Pride and Joy" ITMA

Articles include

ITMA 2 pages

Calling all new cars 2 pages

The Bayeux Tapestry centre pages

Everybody's 11th December 1948

24 pages

Cover Tom Walls

Articles include

Queen of the Skies - Bristol Brabazon 3 pages

Bound to Succeed Tom Walls 2 pages

The sons of the Sun - Incas centre pages

Farewell to a trouper - Nellie Wallace

Introducing Lee Savold (Boxer)

Everybody's Magazine 1949
Everybody's 1st January 1949

28 pages

Cover Angel by Leonardo Da Vinci

Articles include

A dream of fair dolls - 2 pages

Romance and Lord Byron

Angelology centre pages

The Wind in The Willows

Cellini the Superb 2 pages

Everybody's 9th April 1949

28 pages

articles include

Meet the Stratocruiser 2 pages

Made to be mobbed - Donald Peers

Atomic eldorado (uranium) 2 pages

Houses in miniature - dolls houses 2 pages

The art of Lord Leighton centre pages + 1

Everybody's 6th August 1949

32 pages

Cover Beauty and the beach

articles include

Jet week-enders 2 pages

Fashion on the sands centre pages

The origin of the brain

Knights of the Black Cross 2 pages

Racehorse rogues

Everybody's 13th August 1949

32 pages

articles include

Towards the new union of nations

When you dial 999 2 pages

They play in the streets

Low the Giant Killer - David Low cartoonist  2 pages

Dinner at Maxims 2 pages

Carnival in Brazil

Humanity in stone centre pages

The birds of St Kilda

To the end of the skies (telescopes)

New Zealand's first oval test

Theres a new off side plan (football)

neat pencil name on front cover