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Everybody's 1940s

Everybody's 1950s


The wartime issues of this paper have very small print, so there's a lot squeezed into a small number of pages.  

A mixture of news, arts, educational features, etc.

There's some rusting around the staples, but all papers are complete.  

Most articles are single pages, or 2 pages.

Everybody's Magazine 1950
Everybody's 18th February 1950

40 pages

India is a Film Treasure House

Why I am a Conservative

Britain's sportsman of the year - Reg Harris 2 pages

The Wonders of Lourdes centre pages + 1

Winifred Graham - an Appreciation

Fur-Trapping Below Zero

The Wonders of Lourdes

Everybody's 27th May 1950

40 pages

The Politics of Food

Her Majesty Queen Mary - A Birthday Tribute 2 pages

Kenwood and its Treasures 2 pagse

No Easy Road to Slimness 2 pagse

He made Racing big business  4 pages

The Curse of Glencoe

Everybody's 1st July 1950

40 pages

What shall we do with the BBC? 2 pages

Keen men at the gallops  2 pages

Man of Iron in Malaya

Eyes on the ball - Tennis outfits 2 pages

Polesden Lacey house 2 pages

The promise of Ezekiels Temple 2 pages

Australia Robin Hood - Ned Kelly 2 pages

Treasure Island 2 pages

Everybody's Magazine 1951
Everybody's 14th April 1951

40 pages

Here is the World's Front Door (Port of London) 3 pages

Air Aces of Yesterday Meet Again 2 pages

Australia's Festival of Wine 2 pages

How "Blue Bird" was Created 2 pages

Changing Face of Pakistan centre pages + 1

This was Custer's Land Stand 2 pages

Everybody's 15th December 1951

36 pages

It's boom time in Rhodesia  2 pages

First hundred years of the Royal Academy  3 pages

Colour television - Yes in time - colour centre pages

Clothes for the Cardinals 2 pages

Everybody's Magazine 1952
Everybody's 26th January 1952

32 pages

How we waited for Carlsen 3 pages

Quo Vadis  2 pages

The man who made Constable  centre pages

Beauty on skis - ski fashion 2 pages

Meet the Barbarians (rugby)

Everybody's 9th February 1952

36 pages

Battle of the posters - political 2 pages

Life in the polar wastes 2 pages

Poodles cleverest of dogs 2 pages

Alexaner the Great in India

Sport on television

top staple detached from magazine

Everybody's 1st March 1952

32 pages

Which China  3 pages

Prince Charles  3 pages

Mr Rank Why he started film making Part 2  2 pages

The home of time 3 pages

Windsor Shrine of English chivalry centre pages  + 1

Troubled youth of the first Elizabeth 2 pages

Boxer who thought it all out - Gene Tierney

Everybody's 8th March 1952

36 pages

Ever devising new things - Da Vinci designs 2 pages

Business as usual in Africa centre pages + 1

Sir Walter Raleigh's golden vision 2 pages

Everybody's 12th April 1952

36 pages

Sponsored broadcasting

They wrote in pictures 2 pages

Burl Ives

The African Queen part 5

Cornish harbours centre pages

Soccer's strong Man Jimmy Guthrie

The Duke of Speed  Geoffrey Duke

Everybody's 7th June 1952

36 pages

Cover The Duke of Edinburgh

The truth about South Africa 2 pages

The dreaded letters KKK

And now Danny Andersen (Danny Kaye) 2 pages

Old customers at Whitsuntide 2 pages

Sharks in the Hebrides 2 pages

Top staple detached from cover

Everybody's 6th September 1952

32 pages

This rocket can't miss (guided missiles)  2 pages

Coronets and Ermine for hire 2 pages

Balmoral castle centre pages + 1

Everybody's 11th October 1952

36 pages

Golf is very big business

The Titfield Thunderbolt 2 pages

Elizabeth our Queen Part 3  3 pages

Twenty Eight men defied death - Shackleton's polar expedition  centre pages + 1

Everybody's 25th October1952

36 pages

U Boat 977 2 pages

Brangwyn  3 pages

The best car in the world Rolls Royce centre pages

Elizabeth our Queen Part 5  2 pages

He hoisted Lord Nelson's signal 2 pages

Everybody's 15th November 1952

36 pages

Cover Prince Charles

Birthday for the BBC

Eat and Grow Younger

A Day with The Queen

Morocco has Growing Pains centre pages

Louise - short story by W Somerset Maugham

Everybody's 13th  December 1952

36 pages

Carole Carr - The Forces' Sweetheart  2 pages

Building western strength in Europe 2 pages

The Crown Jewels  4 pages - includes colour centre pages

Everybody's Magazine 1953
Everybody's 3rd January 1953

32 pages

Britain's Embassy in the United States 3 pages

When typists were dangerous women 2 pages

Father of the saxophone

Lorenzo de Medicci centre pages + 1

Everybody's 17th January 1953

32 pages

What Mr Churchill Means to America

A Day with The Pope 3 pages

Royal Occasions at Covent Garden centre pages

Team of all talents Sunderland (football)

Everybody's 9th May 1953

32 pages

World's finest sports car Jaguar 2 pages


Gilbert, Sullivan and the third man centre pages + 1

Everybody's 13th June 1953


56 pages

mostly a Coronation and Royal history issue

Everybody's 29th August 1953

32 pages

Cover Murial Pavlow

Bathing without fear - Australian life saving methods come to Britain  2 pages

The controversial T S Eliot

Malta's immortal story centre pages

Gordon Pirie runner

Everybody's 26th December 1953

36 pages

Westminster Abbey by Dorothy L Sayers 2 pages

Hermione Baddeley 2 pages

Wonderland of Model trains Hornby factory Liverpool  2 pages

Mystery of Kirk o Field centre pages

Everybody's Magazine 1954
Everybody's 6th March 1954

44 pages

Make no mistake this is war (Kenya - Mau Mau)  3 pages

Secret of the Woolworth millions Part 2  2 pages

The truth about road accidents

Doctor in the House film  2 pages

In the ranks at Sebastapol -Crimean war centre pages + 1

When Spring and fashion calls Paris answers 2 pages

Everybody's 3rd April 1954

44 pages

Key man in the Middle East - Shah of Persia 2 pages

Immortal Vienna centre pages + 1

Beautiful Catherine Boyle

For the hundredth time (Oxford - Cambridge boat race) 2 pages

cover detached from magazine

Everybody's 10th April 1954

44 pages

Cover Bertrand Russell

Fire 2 pages

The Groves (TV family)

Russel the rebel

Glass of fashion centre pages

Beau Brummell 3 pages

Everybody's 26th June 1954

56 pages

cover detached from magazine

This is their army - National Service 3 pages

Bertrand Russell Secrets of happiness  2 pages

Railway wonders of the world today  8 centre pages

Polio the retreating enemy

The Jack Hobbs story Part 3 - cricket

Everybody's 14th August 1954

click for larger image

44 pages

Cover Larry Adler

Anglo-American relations 2 pages

De Havilland Comet maiden flight

Drake the fighting puritan 3 pages

Larry Adler 1 and a bit pages

They guard the Ashes 2 pages

Match guide 6 seasons of soccer results 2 pages

small tear to back cover (taped)

Everybody's 2nd October 1954

56 pages

School for Crime Fighters 3 pages

Shipping Wonders of the World Today (8 page supplement)

Oh, What a Glamorous Life (Kay Kendall) 2 pages

Everybody's Magazine 1955
Everybody's 12th March 1955

48 pages

Cover Shirley Abicair

The Peaceful Atom  2 pages

Siren from Swindon - Diana  Dors 3 pages

London's bridge of history 3 pages

Everybody's 4th June 1955

44 pages

Cover The Duke of Edinburgh

Barbara and Richard Lyon Throw a Party - 2 page Lyons Family Stork Margarine ad

Press meets President Eisenhower 2 pages

Fly away for Whitsun 2 pages

That Carefree look

Strong Yorkshire means strong England (Cricket) 2 pages

Everybody's 22nd October 1955

44 pages

Cover Peter Ustinov

Forgotten people (refugees) 2 pages

HQ of diplomacy 2 pages

Peter Ustinov Part 1 2 pages

Everybody's 29th October 1955

44 pages

Cover Jennifer Jones

Portraits for a penny

Spiders in the sky - Alpine cable  railways 2 pages

Peter Ustinov Part 2  2 pages

Everybody's way to wealth - football pools

Everybody's Magazine 1956
Everybody's 7th January 1956

48 pages

Lord Brabazon  3 pages

Holiday Supplement - 12 pages

Five for the record (recording stars) 2 pages

Cinderella 56 fashion 1 page

Is British architecture behind the times  3 pages

Everybody's 3rd November 1956

44 pages

Women dentist can fill the gap

Minister for our defence 2 pages

The fire tamer - Myron Kinley  3 pages

Everybody's Magazine 1957


Everybody's Magazine 1958
Everybody's 5th July 1958

24 pages

Prince of Sportsmen (Prince Philip) 2 pages

Battle of Burlington House

The Stocking Story

Face to Face with Blackbeard

Everybody's Magazine 1959
Everybody's 18th April 1959

24 pages

Around the world in 90 minutes (Mercury space craft)

He tells the Larkins what to say - Fred Robinson 2 pages