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Some rusting around staples, but all papers are complete.

 Weekly paper with a lot of interesting adverts, news, features, and educational articles.  

Illustrated Magazine 1940


Illustrated Magazine 1941
Illustrated 10th May 1941

28 pages

Cover General Sir Archibald Wavell

Empire's Man of Destiny  General Sir A Wavell 5 pages

Reporter Anne Dvorak makes a war picture 2 pages

The shelter kids 2 pages

Military objectives centre pages

One of our planes is lost - but the pilot is safe (sea rescue) 5 pages

Illustrated 29th November 1941

28 pages

Cover Phyllis Calvert

Cairo as the British Army sees it  5 pages

Greta Garbo 2 pages

Lorna, Pam and June (3 of Dover's cave children)  3 pages

Walt Disney designs for military units - centre pages

These girls fight fires 2 pages

Phyllis Calvert

Illustrated 6th December 1941

28 pages

Cover Sir Claude Auchinleck

The Auk sets about 'em 3 pages

American tanks in Libya battle

British actor plays in Nazi prison camp 3 pages

Here is a new Gibson girl 2 pages

Home guard officer 3 pages

centre pages detached from magazine

Illustrated Magazine 1942
Illustrated 23rd May 1942

28 pages

Cover Michele Morgan

Flying Tigers 4 pages

Hollywood has discovered Michelle Morgan 2 pages

U.S. fights to save cacti 2 pages

Men of Johnshaven  4 pages

Chungking 3 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1943
Illustrated 13th February 1943

28 pages

Casablanca and after  6 pages

A little bit of fluff (Stage farce)  3 pages

Kill or be killed - Ministry of Information film 2 pages

Clothes, clogs and colours centre pages colour

Hollywood canteen opens 2 pages

Army launches lifeboat 3 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1944
Illustrated  29th January 1944

28 pages

Cover Invasion admiral - Sir Bertram Ramsey

Denmark! Nazi Terror 3 pages

Denmark! The patriots reply 2 pages

Phyllis Dixey 2 pages

Sgt Joe Lewis 2 pages

Rehabilitation (wounded soldiers) colour centre pages

Invasion admiral

The plain people  Mennonites (Amish) 3 pages

Illustrated  17th June 1944

28 pages

Cover Air Marshall Sir Arthur Conningham

Second TAF is the Luftwaffe's scourge  4 pages

The continent as Eisenhower is viewing it 1 page + colour centre pages map

What goes to a woman's head (Hats)  2 pages

Franco's London Duke is laughing 2 pages

Island paradise in war's wake (Tarawa)  3 pages

Illustrated  1st July 1944

28 pages

Cover General Eisenhower

All roads lead to Berlin  9 pages (several articles)

Up in Arms starring Danny Kaye colour centre pages

Illustrated 8th July1944

28 pages

Cover Lt-Gen Sor K A N Anderson

Truth about Normandy's reaction to the allies 4 pages

Things moved swiftly in France  2 pages

Ain't nature wonderful (hats) 2 pages

Royal Windsor horse show colour centre pages

Illustrated  19th August 1944

28 pages

Cover Vitamins

Farming under fire in Normandy 4 pages

Poison weapon beats locusts  4 pages

Boy meets girl 2 pages

Torbruk tablets - vitamins colour centre pages

Miners leader faces pit perils 2 pages

Illustrated  16th September 1944

28 pages

Cover Lt-Gen Devers

How "Warspite" hammered the Huns at Brest 5 pages

Indian village greets VC hero 2 pages

Britain's WAAFs learn Poland's dances colour centre pages

Post war plan for ATS girls 2 pages

Will the war criminals escape this time?

Illustrated  25th November 1944

28 pages

Cover Gen Sir Thomas Blamey

Otto aspires to rule Vienna after the war  3 pages

Life returns to Riviera's golden beaches  3 pages

Showgirls in action colour centre pages

This is for housewives only - America's latest glamour kitchen  2 pages

John Gielgud makes a first rate Hamlet  2 pages

Flying boats in the heart of the Jungle 2 pags

small tear to back cover (taped)

Illustrated  9th December 1944

28 pages

Cover Admiral Submarines

Camera goes into the Dutch front line of battle 4 pages

Nothing is to move on Nazi roads, rail at night  3 pages

Where fashion is ruled by cowboy tradition (cowgirls)  2 pages

Artists sketch book in street fighting 2 pages

Preparing some shocks for the Japs

Illustrated Magazine 1945
Illustrated  September 15th 1945

28 pages

Cover George Isaacs

Forever Arnhem  5 pages

From pin up girl to Cut out girl - Lana Turner paper dolls 3 pages

Bomber pilot into film producer 2 pages

Canada's war guests return (evacuees returning) 2 pages

George Isaacs No 1 job finder 2 pages

First colour picture sent by radio

Illustrated Magazine 1946
Illustrated  2nd February 1946

28 pages

Cover Winter sports

Danish drill - treating bone defects children  4 pages

Cupid is air line's gremlin 2 pages

Has Yugoslavia's ex King a future? 2 pages

US tribute to bombed neutrals  2 pages

Biotechnics and the atom

Illustrated  9th February 1946

28 pages

Cover Sir Ben Smith

Ten million empty cradles 5 pages

Siam's dramatic war dance 4 pages

Artist triumphed over prison camp life  colour centre pages

Illustrated  2nd March 1946

28 pages

Cover New Lord Chief Justice

Storm breaks over Uno-ville 4 pages

The South American Bambalero dance 2 pages

Chinese pilgrimage to the temple of Buddha 3 pages

PBI of penicillin

Illustrated  9th March 1946

28 pages

Cover Trygvr Lie UNO Sec. General

New East End for London 5 pages Photographed by Jack Esten

Midnight blessing of fishermen, nets and waters  3 pages

Madrid Capital of a country at crossroads 3 pages

Marx Brothers are back again  2 pages

Trygve Lie the man who will run UNO  2 pages

Illustrated  1st June 1946

28 pages

Cover Sholto Douglas -Monty's successor

Freedom behind the iron bars - Broadmoor Asylum  6 pages

Navaho braves dance again  3 pages

Disney goes into variety colour centre pages

Italy wavers and waits (elections)  4 pages

Monty's successor

Illustrated  15th June 1946

28 pages

Cover Day off for Zulu miners

The golden rand 4 pages

Simone Simon  3 pages

Return to Terezin  2 pages

The way of an apple in 1946 3 pages

Middle East turmoil 2 pages

Illustrated  20th July 1946

28 pages

Cover Summer gold

The vanishing gypsies 4 pages

Eric and Abe Bedser - Cricketing brothers  3 pages

The birth of a film dance  2 pages

Weighing time for jockeys colour centre pages

Illustrated  3rd August 1946

28 pages

Cover Holiday story

Holiday story 9 pages holiday related articles

The pigeons race again 2 pages

Competition for the BBC? 2 pages

Sultans Friday prayer colour centre pages

Grande Dame Joan Crawford 2 pages

centre pages detached from magazine

Illustrated  17th August 1946

Cover Tokyo a year after

Journey into peace  Paris peace conference 7 pages

Corset lines 2 pages

In Japan today  4 pages

Kissing waltz 2 pages

There's money in milk 2 pages

bottom staple detached from cover

Illustrated  7th September 1946

28 pages

Cover The Royal Family at home

The Ellerby Family moves in (to an AA camp) 3 pages

Their rent is lower now  2 pages

Royal Family at home colour centre pages

Journey's end for the Japanese  3 pages

Broken records-British swimming 3 pages

Illustrated  26th October 1946

28 pages

Cover Molotov Voice of the Kremlin

Cemetry of ships  4 pages

Molotov holds the answer

Hans wants to go home (German prisoners of war)  2 pages

State control How far? 2 pages

Tories at the crossroads  2 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1947

Illustrated Magazine 1948
Illustrated  6th March 1948

28 pages

Cover Jewels in her hair

South Pole squabble 3 pages

A star is born in wax Greer Garson  - Tussauds  2 pages

Wembley midgets (ice hockey) 2 pages

Buddha's temples Ceylon colour centre pages

Diamonds into dollars 2 pages

The city has four bosses - Berlin  4 pages

Cover detached from magazine

Illustrated Magazine 1949
Illustrated 25th June 1949

pages 32

Cover Gonzales

The stake is a crown (Belgium)  3 pages

RAF spreads its new wings 4 pages

Pancho for Wimbledon

They sooth the troubled mind 4 pages

centre pages detached from magazine

Illustrated 16th July 1949

40 pages

Cover Lana's holiday wardrobe

Paris newsreel  4 pages photographs by Carl Perutz

Three Rs under canvas 2 pages

Out of pocket state Monte Carlo colour centre pages + 1

Mountain-top scholars  3 pages

The two sides of Pattigonia 3 pages

Baseball hits a home run (British)  3 pages

Dressed to meet the sun

Illustrated 13th August1949

40 pages

Behind the red bamboo curtain 4 pages photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson

London must have music 3 pages

And a few came home - POWs returning to Vienna 4 pages

Up early to get nowhere - fast- training for women's 50 mile cycle race

Dollar fade out for stars unemployed USA film people 3 pages

Illustrated 10th Decembery 1949

48 pages

Cover Treasure Island

Athletes in darkness (blind)  2 pages

Treasure Island recharted by A E Milne 2 pages

The Vatican by H V Morton  8 pages

100 years not out  Sanda Island lighthouse 3 pages

Illustrated 24th December 1949

40 pages

800th Christmas at St Lukes 7 pages

The private life of Santa Claus 2 pages

Family of Ringmasters Mills Circus  2 pages

Piccadilly Circus 6 pages