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Illustrated 1950s


Some rusting around staples, but all papers are complete.

 Weekly paper with a lot of interesting adverts, news, features, and educational articles.  


Illustrated Magazine 1950
Illustrated 11th February 1950

40 pages

The Case Against Attlee 3 pages

Is the Liberal Party Dead? 2 pages

The Two Paul Scofields 3 pages

Factory for Icebergs 4 pages

Illustrated 5th August 1950

40 pages

Cover Royal Birthday

Asia under Arms 6 pages

Bottlemen of Paris

The Cables Come to Skye 3 pages

Royal Birthday colour centre pages + 2

East End - West End by Richard Dimbleby photos by Erich Auerbach 8 pages

Illustrated 12th August 1950

40 pages

Having a Wonderful Time by H E Bates 3 pages

Deauville Days and Nights Photographs by Robert Capa  4 pages

Stumps, Stars and Stripes 2 pages

Magic of the Thames by Richard Dimbleby photography by Werner Bischof  6 pages

Illustrated 23rd December 1950

40 pages

The Wermacht marches again Robert Capa photographs  3 pages

Santa Claus comes to dollar land  3 pages

also general Christmas articles

Illustrated 30th December 1950

40 pages

Germany's New Red Army 5 pages

Valentino Won't Stay Dead 3 pages

Science Below Zero colour centre pages +  2

The Shah (of Persia) weds a commoner  2 pages

A Year to Remember 4 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1951
Illustrated 24th February 1951

40 pages

Cover Princess Margaret

Report on Kashmir - Deadlock Valley 3 pages

Victoria and Margaret 4 pages

A Miracle in Greece - The Story of a Vision 4 pages

Old Heart-throbs Never Die 3 pages

Illustrated 7th April 1951

48 pages

Cover Paris teenager

How to Get Fat 3 pages

"Misery" Martin Spends a Sunday in Paris  4 pages

Cecil Beaton Life Story Pt 6.

The world waited for these pictures (Prince Charles)  2 pages

Spring is Fiesta time (Seville) Photographs by Brassai  3 pages

Last time we were counted (Census)  4 pages

Paris teenager

Illustrated 21st April 1951

48 pages

Cover The wedding look

I was a Murderer 4 pages

Wedding Look 2 pages

Jon Pertwee Tears 'Em Up 2 pages

SHAPE - Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe  4 pages

Death of a Coyote 2 pages

The First Year of Life 5 pages

Isles of conflict (Jamaica)  4 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1952


Illustrated 16th February 1952

40 pages

King George VI tribute

Elizabeth - the girl born to be queen

Ursula Thiess


Illustrated 1st March 1952

40 pages

Special souvenir issue

Elizabeth II - the girl born to be queen


Illustrated 22nd November 1952

48 pages

Watch how they grow

Beware - planes!

TV's gift to Hollywood - Rita Gam

Philip - husband and consort

The caravan housewife


Illustrated 29th November 1952

48 pages

Centre supplement detached from staples

The young men of Winchester

Germany's new Marlene - Hildegarde Neff

Love is their business

Tommy Cooper - not the housewives' choice

Illustrated Magazine 1953


Illustrated 14th March 1953

40 pages

3D cinema

Four reigns


Illustrated 6th June 1953

48 pages

Centre pages detached from staples

Coronation Guide number



Illustrated 13th June 1953

64 pages

Coronation Souvenir issue

In extremely good condition

Illustrated Magazine 1954

Illustrated 16th January 1954

48 pages

Small tears and creasing to back cover

Pages detached from staples

The queen's farewell to the Isles

So stylish - in the twenties

The high price of Eva's slacks

Robert Morley


Illustrated 23rd January 1954

40 pages

Small tear to front cover, and corners of pages curled

My story - by Boko's mother

Bergman burns again

The disaster on K2

McGivern of TV


Illustrated 6th February 1954

40 pages

Staples badly rusted

Babies in prison

After the avalanches

Is this a taste of the new TV?

I suffer torture by tattooing

John Barbirolli


Illustrated 27th February 1954

44 pages

Camera joins a hunt for Mau Mau

The queen and those crowds

Mr Rank's lovelies challenge Hollywood

Al Read

A Swiss miss at Oxford


Illustrated 27th March 1954

56 pages

Gardener's son buys up the castle

Hitchcock tries new tricks in 3D

I said "no" in Moscow - and won the day

The hero of Abercynon

The queen loved "Tassie"


Illustrated 10th April 1954

48 pages

Centre pages detached from staples

We kept a cheetah in our bedroom

Anna and the Marquis

Half an hour that rocked McCarthy

Mara Lane


Illustrated 17th April 1954

44 pages

Illustrated goes to a Hunt Ball

A negro's home is no castle

Anthony  Quayle's controversial leading ladies

Reunion in Tobruk

Peter Scott


Illustrated 24th April 1954

48 pages

Cover - Kathleen Hughes

Our escape from the Windrush

Now it's Cardinal Guinness

The marriage of a Bedouin bride

Dirk Bogarde


Illustrated 15th May 1954

64 pages

Homecoming Souvenir Issue

Inside a court martial

11am at the Folies Bergere

Stately homes for dolls

Marlon Brando - 3 page feature


Illustrated 22nd May 1954

44 pages

Nairobi, April 24

Will the Russians be first on the moon?

Lady Churchill

The actress in a wheelchair


Illustrated 29th May 1954

40 pages

Cover - Franka Parisi

That junior royal tour

Life and death of the girl next door (Joan Dowling)

Jack Warner

Winifred's midnight party (Winifred Atwell)


Illustrated 5th June 1954

48 pages

That junior royal tour

Chinese try a girl-seller

Gordon Richards

Zsa Zsa's midnight flight

Illustrated 26th June 1954

44 pages

Cover Ingrid Bergman and family

The Duke's polo (Duke of Edinburgh) 5 pages

Warriors night out (Churchill and associates) 2 pages

Ingrid Bergman  and family colour centre pages + 2

My Grandson Joe (Joe Erskine boxer)  4 pages


Illustrated 11th September 1954

48 pages

Cover - Pat Smythe

Mrs Hsu gives a bride some Chinese advice

Albert Schweitzer

Audrey Hepburn - 4 page feature

Dog wizard of television


Illustrated 18th September 1954

56 pages

Pat Smythe

Abominable snowman

Yvonne takes wings

Janette Scott gets the Rome treatment


Illustrated 20th November 1954

64 pages

Rebel priest of Cyprus

Grace Kelly - 4 page feature

Hitler feared ridicule


Illustrated 27th November 1954

48 pages

Danny Kaye



Illustrated 4th December 1954

64 pages

Cover - Lita Roza

Grid-iron football

Marlon Brandon - 2 page feature

The pioneers - girl students at New Hall, Cambridge


Illustrated 18th December 1954

60 pages

Onassis - the fabulous millionaire

Joan Regan

Billy Graham

The kings of Cognac

Martine Carol and Charles Boyer

Illustrated Magazine 1955

Illustrated 1st January 1955

40 pages

Junior takes up judo

Lita Roza - 3 page feature

Billy Graham saved me from suicide


Illustrated 3rd December 1955

64 pages

Farmer Kay Grows Oranges and Dodges Bullets 4 pages

Here Comes Baby - with a 70 bill

Sophia Loren 2 pages

Goonomania is Catching

The Spirit of Christmas 8 page section by Gilbert Harding

Could I ask her to Marry a "Lifer"?

We Fly a Christmas Gift to Boko 3 pages

Illustrated Magazine 1956
Illustrated 16th June 1956

Top right hand corner of front cover missing

48 pages

Inside the City of Hate (Greece / Cyprus) 4 pages

Open House at Harwell 4 pages

Five Men Vanish in a Polar Storm colour centre pages + 2

Full page colour adverts for Walls Ice Cream, Rowntrees Fruit Gums, Quality Street, Players Cigarettes, Kodak, Kia-Ora, Dulux Paint


Illustrated 8th December 1956

56 pages

There's never been a party like this - Britain's 4 sets of quads meet

The queen takes her son hunting

Jingle bells over the border

Rockets : how safe is Britain?

The Presley phenomenon - part 2

Illustrated Magazine 1957
Illustrated 4th May 1957

36 pages

Miles pulls out of that nose dive  2 pages

Cup Final pay 2 pages

The cost of making debs presentable  2 pages

centre pages Audrey Hepburn & Anita Ekberg colour

Illustrated 17th August 1957

32 pages

The lonely ones 4 pages

I thumb my way to Moscow  3 pages

My young dutch - teenagers and love  3 pages

Illustrated 26th October 1957

36 pages

There's still a smile on their faces (Guinea Pigs re-union) 3 pages

Do teenagers spend too much?  4 pages